Frequently Asked Question

What is Liberoverse?

Liberoverse is a decentralized marketing platform used to create campaigns for advertising products and content with games, quests, and pools powered by NFTs, built on Avalanche.

What is support2earn?

Liberoverse network promotes followers to supporters by re-sharing the posts. The supporter’s role in the network is to expand the reach of the campaign and for that, he will be rewarded in Libero tokens.

How can I use the platform?

Login via your Metamask account and connect to your Social accounts - Twitter is supported for now, others will follow.

How do you evaluate if I’m an Influencer?

Liberoverse calculates and assigns you an influence level based on your social score. Criteria taken into account: number of followers, engagement, authenticity.

What is Social ID NFT?

Digital presentation of a Social identity enriched with social attributes secured by blockchain technology.

Campaign NFT

A limited number of NFT’s containing campaign promotion details to be redeemed by followers.

How can I buy Social ID NFT?

We’ll announce more details soon.

Will there be an IDO?

There will be an IDO in Q1 2022, more details soon.

How can I find more info about Liberoverse?

You can check out the website liberoverse.app and join our community and get updates on Discord